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Sometimes it seems that once you’re in braces, you’re surrounded by yummy snacks that you can’t eat. No more gooey caramels. No more popcorn at the movies. Thankfully, it’s all temporary—and more than worth it when we reveal your beautiful new Dr. Appel smile.

So how about today we talk about delicious things that you CAN eat—foods that will work hand in hand with us to get you the strongest, healthiest smile possible?

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Everyone knows that milk is good for your smile. But not everyone likes milk, which is okay. Foods like yogurt and cheese contain the same calcium and casein, a protein that helps re-mineralize and strengthen teeth enamel.

Fresh fruits and veggies

Yes, apples, pears, carrots and celery are still good for you and your new smile.
Just remember to cut them up first, and not to bite into whole fruits or large pieces. Pears are especially good, since they have chemicals that help to neutralize the acids in your mouth that can cause cavities.


Nuts are great healthy snacks. There are so many to choose from: peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts … we could go on. They’re already small enough to chew in the back of your mouth, away from delicate front brackets. They offer tons of healthy teeth-building nutrients, including folic acid, iron, and protein. Always remember, putting good stuff in will help keep your smile strong from the inside.

Mints with Xylitol

Not gum, mints. (Gum makes for a sticky mess and is always off-limits!)  The sweetener Xylitol is great at working against bacteria that can cause tooth decay and can actually help prevent cavities.

Of course, don’t forget …

Remember no matter what you eat, proper brushing is essential. Even the best foods, when hiding around the nooks and crannies of your braces (which gum is especially likely to do), become bacteria traps. And just like you wouldn’t leave cheese or other foods out in the heat for a few days, you don’t want to leave food stuck around your braces either!

So eat well and clean up after, and you’ll have the perfect, healthy smile soon enough!


Photo credit: Sharon Taylor via Compfight

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