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2181992045 e32acda777 - Keep your new smile brighter with Opal SealAt Appel Orthodontics, we know that keeping your teeth healthy during your treatment is as important as getting the straight, beautiful smile you’ve been hoping for. Recently, we’ve started using a new product called Opal Seal.

Opal Seal is a special protective sealant that is made especially for patients with braces. It is an invisible coating that provides a long term, low dose of fluoride to your enamel throughout your treatment with us at Appel Orthodontics.

Although brushing and flossing will still always be important, Opal Seal provides an extra barrier between your enamel and plaque. This helps drastically reduce staining, scarring and the white chalky marks that indicate decalcification, which is an irreversible softening of the tooth enamel.

This is just one more step we found to help you on your way to loving your new smile!

Photo credit:  mark sebastian via Compfight

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