Smiles for Survivors

Providing free treatment to those who have won the battle against cancer

About Smiles for Survivors

Cancer survivors are incredible people! They've fought for their lives and won against a terrible disease. Unfortunately, treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can damage the teeth and gums, and for many survivors, orthodontic treatment is out of reach financially because of the huge cost of cancer treatment.

After his own battle with Hodgkins lymphoma, it was important for Dr. Andrew to find ways to support the survivor community. He and Dr. Andi founded the Appel Orthodontics Smiles for Survivors program in 2021, which provides free orthodontic treatment to 12 Philadelphia-area cancer survivors each year. 

Cancer survivors have been through so much, and it's our honor to be a part of restoring their confidence and celebrating new reasons to smile!

“I love the confidence all my patients get, but I want to give that confidence to a very specific person who had their confidence totally taken away from them. We want to spread that love to a population of people that could benefit from it tremendously.”

Meet Emily!

Emily was diagnosed with pulmonary blastoma type three when she was just three years old. She's been cancer-free for seven years and has a beautiful new smile!

Meet John!

John was diagnosed with anaplastic ganglioglioma in 2013, with only a 20% chance of surviving the surgery he needed to remove the tumor. Not only did he survive, but after surgery and treatment, he's been cancer-free for four years! 

Are you a cancer survivor who needs orthodontic care? 

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We founded Smiles for Survivors in 2021 to help restore the oral health of cancer survivors. Our own family's experience with Dr. Andrew's diagnosis and recovery from Hodgkins lymphoma taught us so much about the far-reaching financial and emotional impact of cancer on individuals and families. It's important to us to restore the confidence of patients themselves, and of families who have poured resources into lifesaving medical treatment and now struggle to afford other medical care, like orthodontics.

Appel Orthodontics provides free treatment to 12 Philadelphia-area cancer survivors each year. Are you a cancer survivor who could use free braces treatment? Then contact Appel Orthodontics!

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