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When it comes to retainer replacement, it's not IF, 
it's WHEN

Once you're finished with your braces or aligners, wearing a retainer at night keeps your smile looking just the way you want it. At Appel Orthodontics, we do everything we can to support our patients in sticking with this final stage of treatment, including making retainer insurance a part of your financing package. 

Retainer insurance covers retainer replacements for seven years after treatment. At just $20/retainer ($40/set), when the dog eats it, or you leave it behind on vacation, getting a new one's a no brainer.

Wearing your retainers is essential

Wearing your retainers keeps your teeth stable in their new positions.

Retainers are easy 
to lose

Retainers are small and removable, and we all make mistakes.

Retainer Insurance makes replacements affordable

Retainer Insurance means that a new set of retainers is only $40.

When you're ready, you're ready

Maximize convenience: start treatment the same day as your consultation. 

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Teeth can move at any time and at any age, even in people who never had orthodontics!  To maintain your teeth in their beautiful, new position, regular retainer wear is necessary

Nope! You just need to wear your retainer at night. 

When you take your retainers out, put them right into their protective case. This keeps them from breaking in your bag, getting thrown away in a tissue, slipping off your nightstand and getting stepped on, or becoming a snack or toy for the dog. 

We'll teach you how to keep your retainers clean when you get them, but the basic trick is to brush them just like you do your teeth!

Retainers are included in your treatment plan, so Retainer Insurance is included in your financing! Retainer Insurance makes staying committed to your smile easy. Replacements are just $20/retainer ($40/set).

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