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Most orthodontists accept insurance. But just accepting your insurance doesn’t mean your actual costs will be lower. Here’s what you need to know. While most orthodontists take insurance, they may or may not be in-network for your insurance provider. What they’re not going to tell you is this: If your orthodontist is not in-network, they will still take the payment from your insurance, often while still charging a higher overall fee. That results in a higher out-of-pocket expense for you and your family. 

We do things differently at Appel Orthodontics. Our practice is in-network with most major plans. That’s why we’re able to accept a discounted fee — which reduces your family’s total out-of-pocket costs. We know that orthodontics is an investment in the future, and we want to make it as affordable and stress-free as possible.

How Do I Know If My Dental Insurance Covers Braces Or Invisalign?

We will do all the homework for you! We’ll ask you to provide your insurance information when scheduling your free consultation. That will give us time to research your orthodontic coverage before your appointment. So when you come to the office, we’ll let you know exactly what your insurance will cover. Billing and insurance don’t have to be confusing. We will help you understand your insurance coverage and financing options, so that you can make an informed decision for your family. 

How We Help You Pay For Braces

We go out of our way to make orthodontic care affordable. Our ultimate goal is to break down the walls that prevent people from receiving great treatment. We do this in a few ways. First, we offer flexible, interest-free financing. While some orthodontists outsource their financing plans with companies that can charge an upward of 25% in interest, we offer financing right here in-house. Additionally, there is no deposit required. That means you can begin your orthodontic care without a hefty down payment. Finally, we offer flexible, extended payment plans for up to 36 months. By uncoupling treatment time with financial payment terms, we work with you to get your monthly payments into a comfortable range that works for your budget.

Do You Offer Family Discounts?

Absolutely — braces can be a family affair! We offer a discount for each additional family member who begins full treatment with us. There is also a special discount for parents who start treatment alongside their child’s treatment. With our flexible financing options, your whole family can be on the way to your best smiles yet!

Why do we work so hard to make braces affordable for you? Because we want to be your orthodontist! We love our patients, and it’s a privilege to help you create your best smile. From working with your insurance provider, to offering flexible financing, we will go the extra step to ensure you have a great experience with us. Ultimately, it is about treating our patients the way we want to be treated. With compassion, fairness, and transparency. Click here to learn more about how we can make braces affordable for your family.

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