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? Today is a special day, do you know what today is? ?

It’s Tiease’s birthday!

We LOVE to celebrate birthdays around here, and we also LOVE our people. You can probably tell it when you’re here. We are framily! We like to work together because people like Tiease make work fun. ✨

Tiease is a Clinical Manager here and has been with us for 13 years now. She has two handsome sons: Ajmal and Javier and they are her world. You can find her eating at Chickie and Pete’s or singing some Salt-N-Pepa – if you’re lucky.

We wish we could send her to the Bahamas for her birthday, but instead, she’ll have to settle for a relaxing day with patients and hugs from us all day. Maybe a soda with an umbrella in it?

Let’s all wish Tiease the best birthday with all the fun she can handle!!! Happiest birthday to Tiease!

Tiease 4 - Happy Birthday, Tiease!
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