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We don’t need a special day to celebrate Dr. Andrea, but we’re definitely glad to use this opportunity to tell the world,

It’s Dr. Andrea’s birthday today!

We have grown to adore her since she started with us this past summer. Though she is affectionately sometimes known as “Dr. Dre,” she does not bear any actual resemblance or rapping talent – that we know of. ?‍♀️

Though originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, she never worked at “The Office” and claims to not know any of them. Strange.

Dr. Andrea is the oldest of three girls and is currently dating Mike who is also an orthodontist! They met in residency.  She says her family inspires her because they are hard-working, compassionate and selfless. We can tell this has rubbed off on her as well.

She loves to watch football. Her dad played in college and she always enjoyed watching games growing up. She’s a Green Bay Packers fan/Cheesehead, but always roots for the Eagles since she’s been living in Philadelphia these last 10 years. We’re certainly glad to hear it!

Something you need to know about Dr. Andrea is she really hates the sound of chewing! Just keep that in mind and you’ll be good with her. ?? We’ll try to remember that ourselves because we want her to stick around!

We are wishing her the very best day and a joyful year! Happy Birthday, Dr. Andrea!

Dr Andrea three - Happy Birthday, Dr. Andrea!
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