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We love birthdays around here, and it looks like it’s time for another one!

It’s Sawyer’s birthday today!

Sawyer just started with Appel Orthodontics about a month ago, but we won’t let that cause his birthday to get lost in the shuffle. No way. No how.

Sawyer is a Lab Technician who makes retainers with Konnor. He’s new to our team, but he fits right in so far. We don’t know too much about him yet, but one thing we do know is he loves eating hot dogs for lunch!

We asked him a few questions about himself, so you could get to know him a little bit better. Here’s what we found out:

  • He has a girlfriend named Hannah and Pomeranian called Milo.
  • His favorite movie of all time is Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.
  • Sawyer’s favorite show to binge-watch? Breaking Bad.
  • A few things he likes to do: target-hunting, fishing, and hunting.
  • Biggest phobia? Heights!

We’re sure there’s much more to learn about him, and we’re just getting started. Would you help us celebrate our newest team member today?

Sing it with us! Happy Birthday to Sawyer, Happy Birthday to Sawyer, Happy Birthday dear Sawyer! Happy Birthday to yooooooou! 

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