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Appel Ortho is a family-run orthodontist office. We try to create an atmosphere in which you feel like part of our family. So when you’re happy, we want to celebrate with you! Because you’ve all become like a family to me, I’d like to share something really special.

I’m getting married!

Meet Andrea!  Andrea is also an orthodontist, and we met while both attending the 2018 Invisalign Summit.  Despite practicing in different cities, we managed to keep in touch after the conference and, before long, we were visiting each other on the weekends.  Truth be told, by our third weekend together, I was 100% sure that I never wanted to live without this woman in my life!  Andrea is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen on the outside, and is somehow even more incredibly beautiful  on the inside.  She is kind, funny, brilliant, big-hearted, and family-oriented.  Oh, and lucky for us, she happens to be an amazingly talented orthodontist!

So there it is! I am over-the-moon excited to spend my life with Andrea and for her to join the Appel Ortho family in September!

IMG 9090 e1560961057522 - Dr. Andrew Has Some Big News!!

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