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Alright, stop! Collaborate and listen.

‘Cuz Appel is down for a celebration! ✨

…and it’s for YOU, Kelsey! Today we are celebrating one of our newest employees on the anniversary of her birth. We LOVE Kelsey and what she brings to the Appel Orthodontics team. We love her amazing professional skills, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention all of the fun things we know and love about her as well. Such as her love for the Backstreet Boys, her fear of styrofoam and her unpopular feelings about Game of Thrones (not a fan).  We also know that her worst pet of all time was a Guinea Pig (you’ll have to ask her why) and that she was a Full House-watcher as a kid. She loves watching Football and sometimes goes by, “KB.” Lastly, as you may have picked up on from our intro, her favorite 90’s jam was “Ice, Ice Baby.”

We hope this year brings her nothing but happiness and great experiences. We hope that her birthday celebration is the first of many amazing times until her next one. We’re so glad she was born and that we’re here celebrating with together!

We hope she has a very Happy Birthday!

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