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Today is a special day.

It’s Jessica’s birthday!

A banker once said nothing makes life go by faster than children and 90-day loans. We don’t know anything about the second part, but we bet a mom with a little one like Jessica is trying to figure out how her birthday got here so fast!? Yes,  it’s Jessica’s birthday. Yeah! We love working with her. She makes the office a great environment to be in. We have loved getting to know Jessica these past two years, so we thought we share some little known facts about her for your enjoyment:

  • Her favorite show to binge watch is Grey’s Anatomy ?‍⚕️?‍⚕️
  • Parent Trap is her favorite movie ever.
  • She has the sweetest daughter names Jaylynn and she’s an amazing mom (And Titi to Emma!).
  • She’s from Philly.
  • LOVES Marc Anthony. ??
  • Drinks a Starbucks iced coffee every morning. ?
  • Loves a good selfie.?
  • Has amazing eyebrows!

So, eat some cake, Jessica! Celebrate all that life has done to bring a smile to your face and we look forward to seeing what happens in the next year.

Happy Birthday!

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