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We’re so glad to celebrate Dr. A today because to know him is to be encouraged and happy!

And today is his birthday!

With that in mind, we would love to share some wonderful facts with you about him. First and foremost, he has been in the orthodontic profession for over 40 years, which is also how long he’s been married! He has a daughter he adores and a son who is his partner, the other Dr. Appel! He says he can’t wait to get to the office every day because he can’t wait to be with his son.

One of our favorite things about Dr. A is that all of his pet’s names rhyme with Appel. His two dogs are Verdell and Noelle Appel, and his 3/4 of cats, Maxwell, Manuel, Marcel Appel. Then there’s Oliver – the odd man out? On top of that, he also has two talking parrots! Of course, he does.

He used to have more hair. He’s always cracking jokes to the patients. Since 7th grade, his friends have called him “Skeezix,” and we’ll just get you to ask him for that story. He loves the race tracks. He loves listening to the Beatles, and

sometimes catch him dancing around the office to the Ed Sheeran song ” the shape of you.” He loves sweets and Wawa iced tea.

Dr. A loves loves doing being an orthodontist and it shows. Patients he saw as kids are now bringing their kids to see him. We love that today is his special day, and we’re hoping it’s his best birthday yet.

Happiest Birthday to Dr. A!

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