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So it’s late one night and suddenly you remember that you need to schedule your next orthodontic appointment. You can:

  • Mutter “orthodontic appointment” in your sleep so you’ll remember to call when Appel’s office opens the next morning
  • Write “Make appointment!!!” on your hand with a ballpoint pen so it will be visible for the next several days
  • Cover every surface in your home with Post-It reminders
  • Log onto Appel’s site, use the Request an Appointment feature, and take care of it then and there.

Since hand graffiti isn’t very stylish and sticky notes are getting expensive*, your best bet is to request your appointment online.

You can use the feature any time of the day, even when our office is closed.  That way you can take care of it as soon as you think of it, without having to come up with creative ways to remember.

If you’re completely new to Appel Orthodontics and you’d like to schedule your free consultation, you can do that online here.

Request an Appointment Now


*Okay, not really, but still.


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