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stockings 300x225 - Dental-Friendly Stocking StuffersStocking stuffers shouldn’t be difficult to find, right? Just buy small trinkets or candy and boom, all done. But finding tiny things year after year is hard, so we often resort to cheap toys and loads of candy. The toys will break (often before the day ends!) and candy is unhealthy in so many ways.

So we’ve compiled some dental-friendly stocking stuffers. These gifts will not only last, but also promote a healthier lifestyle.


For the Kids

Kids generally don’t love brushing their teeth or flossing. Adding some fun to the process can teach them to love staying healthy.

Flavored floss

Leave behind boring mint and try fun flavors like cherry, bacon, or cupcake! (Please note: children [and adults] should not eat floss, no matter how delicious the flavor.)

Flavored toothpaste

Like floss, toothpaste can come in minty flavors that children don’t like. You can find toothpaste in a multitude of flavors, including soda and candy.

Fun toothbrush holder

A themed toothbrush holder turns brushing into play time. Buy one with your child’s favorite character or animal.

For Anyone

Kids aren’t the only ones who need healthy teeth! These stocking stuffers are appropriate for kids, teens, and the adults in your life.


For the non-stop gum chewer in your life, pick a sugar-free gum or one sweetened with Xylitol. Both are healthier for teeth than regular sugary gums. (Unless they have braces! Anyone with braces shouldn’t be chewing gum.)

citrus 300x300 - Dental-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

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Fresh or canned fruit

Especially good for someone with braces, fruit can replace chewy or hard snacks like nuts or dried fruit. Besides, a fresh piece of citrus gives the stocking some good weight!

Lip balm

Besides being super important in winter for everyone, lip balm is a lifesaver for people with braces, since the braces irritate your lips a little extra.


Although candy isn’t really great for teeth, chocolate is the best candy for anyone with braces, since chewy or hard candies can really mess up brackets and wires.

For the College Student

Let’s be real: health can kinda go out the window in college. Encourage your college student to keep a healthy mouth with these stocking stuffers.

Gift Certificate

Talk to a dentist or orthodontist near your college student about pre-paying for a cleaning or check-up. With tuition and other bills, your student isn’t likely to pay for an appointment on their own.

toothbrush 225x300 - Dental-Friendly Stocking Stuffers

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New toothbrush

Not to harp on the bit about college students being broke, but your student might be using a worn out brush either because of cost or just not having time to buy a new one.

Mints/breath freshener

Students are often too busy to brush after meals, in between classes, or before important meetings. Make sure your student is stocked with good mints or breath freshener.


Keep your friends and family healthy this Christmas. Try some of these stocking stuffers!
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