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We love our new videos! They honestly convey what we are all about here.

These are not your average orthodontic videos…

We absolutely love our new videos. The goal was to show off the people and the smiles. When you watch these videos, you should see what it’s like to actually be a part of Appel Orthodontics and feel what The Appel Orthodontics Family is all about.

You can’t accomplish those goals without being raw, honest and open while showing the personal side of the practice.

What We Believe

We want your visit to our office to be the best part of your day. You’ll feel truly cared for at every visit.

Financing Options

We make braces and orthodontic treatment truly affordable. We want to know what works for you.

We Are A Family

We treat you with the respect and dignity – the same way we want to be treated – just like family.

We want you to see behind the curtain. This is who we are! That’s what we want people to see. What we do here isn’t all about us, but it’s about the relationships and what our patients get from our family.

“These videos mean a lot to us. It’s so important to set the expectations for what someone’s time with us is going to be like!”

When our team first saw these videos, the reactions were so positive. We all circled up and watched the videos and we had staff members tearing up watching them! How’s that for an orthodontic video?! 

We are like a family and we are no different the first time we watched the videos.

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