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At Appel Orthodontics we always strive to be on the cutting edge of technology. Our biggest commitment to this has been the addition of our i-CAT X-ray machine. The i-CAT goes beyond the traditional two dimensional X-Rays of the past to build an actual three-dimensional model of the patient’s entire skull on the computer.

Being able to see in three dimensions allows us to see more detail when diagnosing our patients’ treatment plans. Knowing exactly where a misaligned tooth is in relation to the rest leads to less trial and error and more direct efficient treatment. Because an 8-second i-CAT scan uses less radiation than your typical full series of dental X-Rays, it’s also a safer option for you and your family. And as an extra bonus, all of that information means that we no longer need to take impressions for models at our home office here on Krewstown Road. This makes the records appointment shorter and more comfortable for our patients.

To check out the i-CAT and see some amazing examples of what this machine can do, check out

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