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One question we get all the time is — What is the difference between orthodontic treatment for adults and orthodontics for children? If you find yourself with the same question, read on! There are actually more similarities than differences, but the differences are important to know if you’re considering adult orthodontics treatment for yourself. At Appel Orthodontics, we’ve been practicing orthodontics in Pennsylvania for decades, and we’ve seen all manner of patients and situations, so here are just a few of the differences we’ve noticed:

One of the major differences between braces for kids and adults is that the younger you are, the more pliable your mouth is. What we mean by that is there is more oral flexibility with children because they are growing. They haven’t worn their teeth into a bite pattern yet. With adults, we’ve got mileage to deal with. There’s some wear and tear on the old chompers. Everything is already developed. This means that treatment is a little more involved and requires more finesse and skill. Fortunately, we’ve got a ton of experience in this area. You’re in good hands at Appel Orthodontics.

Special Focus on Bite Alignment for Adult Braces

For adult braces, we need to pay extra attention to correcting bite and overbite issues compared to a child’s treatment plan. Why? For the reasons listed above! Kids haven’t worn their teeth into a pattern or groove, and this makes it easier to move their teeth around into a straight pattern that will naturally settle into a good bite. With adults, that pattern is already set. So we have to make sure that while we straighten your teeth, we make sure to take care of that bite pattern that has already developed.

Often, we also have to factor in an adult’s prior dental health history. Typically, they’ve had work done as a child or a teen that has to be taken into account. Maybe they’ve lost a tooth and had an implant. Maybe they’ve had a root canal. We have to take all these things into consideration which makes treating adults with braces different than how we would treat children.

The biggest difference between orthodontics for kids and adults is the type of treatment chosen. Many more adults go for clear-aligners than children do. There is Invisalign Teen, but we still do way more traditional braces for teens than not. For adults, we do more Invisalign than braces — largely for aesthetic reasons. As a long-time Invisalign leader in Pennsylvania, people trust us with their treatment, and that means a lot to us. 

Whether you are a child, a teen, or an adult, Appel Orthodontics knows just how to treat you and your needs. If you think you need orthodontic treatment, be sure to schedule a consultation with us today!

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