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The “New Dr. A”

Andrew Appel has wanted to be an orthodontist since he was 7 years old. That might not be what most 7-year-olds dream about, but when you consider that he’s the son of Dr. Steven Appel and grew up around the fun atmosphere of Appel Orthodontics, you can see why that seemed like the perfect job. Plus he had his own smile straightened with the help of orthodontics, and he wanted to help others love their smiles, too.

To pursue his dream, he went off to dental school here in Philadelphia and then to Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston, where he received specialized training in orthodontics. His plan was to return to Appel Orthodontics to work alongside his father and the other great people here in the office.

The Surprise

While he was gone, we here in the office were planning a surprise.

If you’ve been to our main office on Krewstown Road, then you’re familiar with the custom-painted beach mural stretching over the walls of our treatment area. If you’re especially observant, you may have noticed a man sitting on one of the boardwalk benches that looks suspiciously like Dr. A! We’ve always thought this was a fun “extra” to the artwork.

But when Dr. Andrew Appel showed up for his first official day on the job in July 2013, he was surprised to see next to the painting of his dad was another man sitting on the bench—himself!

Yep, now the mural includes both Dr. A’s—Dr. Steve and Dr. Andrew. More importantly, our patients can now benefit from having two amazing orthodontists in the office who are passionate about helping them get those beautiful “Dr. Appel smiles.”

Next time you’re in the office, be sure to check out the mural—and to welcome Dr. Andrew Appel on board!


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