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Outstanding All the Way!

My family has been going to Dr. Appel for 6 years now. My third child is getting his braces put on next week. The office staff is friendly and accommodating, office environment is clean and comfortable. Dr. Appel has provided outstanding service at all times, is very “hands-on” and makes you feel like he knows you personally. Thankfully Dr. Appel’s office accepts our insurance as I would not want to take my kids anywhere else. A+++++++++!

-Donna O.

Appel Ortho Review

Appel Ortho is a great is a great clean and healthy place. The check ups are great. Everbody is just so nice. I would recommend it to anybody that has bad teeth. If you need braces definitely go to Appel Ortho you will be satisfied!!!

-Gianna B.

Great Experience!

My experience at Dr. Appel’s office was great! I went to Dr. Appel’s office for about 2 years and I am very satisfied with my new smile. The staff there is very nice and friendly! I’ve actually never been to a place that is as friendly as they are. Whenever I had to reschedule my appointment, it was never a problem, and they always answered my questions about my treatment. In addition, I was surprised to see how well Dr. Appel knows his clients. It was nice to see that he went around talking to all his clients cause I’ve never seen any doctor do that. I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Dr. Appel’s office!

-Olga D.

Dr. Appel = Excellence!

Since my sister and I both needed braces my mom was looking for a good place but one that offered excellence with a good price. Hard to find nowadays but we did!! DR. APPEL’S office was AMAZING! I still have my braces on and go to my checkup regularly. The staff is great. Whenever I had an emergency and called Dr. Appel he had one of his aids come into the office and fix my braces. They take you in in under 10 minutes and are really friendly and nice. I don’t know what these people who are writing the bad reviews are saying. DR. APPEL IS GREAT!

-Washma N.

My Experience at Appel Orthodontics in Philadelphia

Dr. Appel and his staff are excellent! The staff is very friendly and welcoming. Always cheery and willing to answer any questions. I lived at school (Temple University), but the office was always willing to work with my schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Appel. My sister, brother, and I have such beautiful smiles because of him! Painless, quick, and efficient process.

-Elizabeth C.

Progress MADE!

The results I have so far are excellent!!! I never thought my teeth could transform the way they did! Although I’m NOT completely aligned yet, I am truly happy with what I have so far! Also, I have never experienced a team of doctors ANYWHERE, that are sooo pleasant and professional that on every single appointment they made me feel right at home simple smile - Patients' Stories I have truly made a decision, if needed be, I will recommend any one to go to Dr. Steven Appel’s office on Krewstown Road!
Thank You For The Success,

-Romaine Colbert

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