Financing options that remove barriers...

We know people worry about financing…

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been posting quite a bit about our new videos and our new website. We’re proud of it, and we eagerly want to share it with you all.

One of the things we haven’t specifically highlighted yet is our flexible financing terms. Our goal is to see people come to our office and know they can check their financial anxiety at the door.


appel financing video thumb - Orthodontic Financing That is Affordable, Honest and Flexible


We Go Out of Our Way to Make Orthodontics Affordable.


Our ultimate goal is to break down the walls that would prevent anyone from receiving this great treatment. The way that we do that is by offering low down payments, extended payment terms and 0% interest financing.

We provide that kind of flexibility because we want to be your orthodontist. We want you or your child to have the best smile possible.

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