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No More Impressions!

Most patients hate impressions. They take a long time, and they can be uncomfortable. If you hate impressions, we have great news for you.

The i-CAT eliminates the need for impressions at your records appointment!

If you have been avoiding braces because you are afraid of impressions, don’t wait any longer. Call Appel Orthodontics and ask about i-CAT.

i-CAT Machine at Appel Orthodontics

We’re happy to announce that Appel Orthodontics has its very own i-CAT machine. i-CAT gives today’s orthodontists the tools to improve diagnosis and treatment planning.With the i-CAT, our doctors can get fast, accurate pictures of patients’ teeth and mouths. The i-CAT gives a doctor the information he needs to plan the fastest, most effective treatments. The bottom line? The new i-CAT means better information, which leads to better, more effective treatment.

More Accurate Diagnoses

The i-CAT machine delivers fast, accurate information. With i-CAT, our doctors gets high-definition digital images of patients’ teeth and mouths.

Accurate pictures mean an accurate, personalized diagnosis. With i-CAT, a doctor can craft a treatment plan based on each patient’s unique situation.

If you want a treatment plan crafted just for you, based on accurate pictures of your mouth, call Appel Orthodontics today (215-676-3070)!

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