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Being the celebratory people that we are, we definitely realize that the Holiday season is over, but we’re going to need you to hang on a little longer to your party hats because today is the birthday of the one and only Marya!

If you know her, then you know that if anyone deserves a celebration, it’s Marya! As one of our amazing Orthodontic Assistants, we’re not sure what we would do without her. Marya’s capacity to connect with patients and her ability to encourage those around her is a huge part of what makes the office such a great place.

Marya has a full, beautiful life, especially as the mom of an adorable toddler. That being said, we know that she deserves a few binge-nights with Grey’s Anatomy as well as a dinner to her favorite restaurant (Chickie and Petes) and her dream trip to Bora Bora. We wish we could make all of her birthday wishes come true!

So, here’s to you, Marya! You are one of a kind, and we hope this is your best birthday yet. Happiest Birthday to Marya!

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