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Everyone help us wish Konnor a great birthday!

So you know what that means? Dude, it’s time to get the meat sweats. Hit up your favorite, Fogo de Chão. Forget that – they have salad and stuff like that. That’s all filler that leaves less room in your stomach for steak. And steak. And maybe some lamb. Mmmm.

Anyway, before our mouths water too much, we do want to wish Konnor a very Happy Birthday. Konnor is a Lab Tech we’ve seen grow up over the last couple of years. Patients can get their retainers on the same day their braces are removed because Konnor makes them in the office. He’s been a fantastic addition to the team, and we’re so glad to have him on board.

Happy Birthday, Konnor!

Appel Orthodontics Philadelphia Orthodontics Dr. Appel Team Fun Portraits 24 of 28 - Happy Birthday, Konnor!
Konnor GROUP 1 - Happy Birthday, Konnor!
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