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An update on our Jenkintown location...

The Appel Orthodontics’ Jenkintown location will be closing in early March. Our last day at this location will be March 12th, 2018.


We know this is a good decision for our team and our patients moving forward.

What we realized was the Jenkintown location was practically right in the middle of our Northeast office location and our Dresher office location. What we saw was that our patients were trying to figure out which location would serve them best. We felt that the Jenkintown location had become redundant and kind of muddied the waters as to which office our patients should receive treatment from.

This is simply us trying to make things easier, and ultimately we feel like moving the Jenkintown’s office staff, resources and equipment to our other locations will help us maintain the high level of care and overall experience people expect from Appel Orthodontics.


If you have any questions, please call us! We’re happy to chat with you, in detail, about what this might mean for your treatment!

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