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It’s a weird time and we know you’re at home with your kids running out of activities.

Don’t worry Mom & Dad! We are here to help you with a list of fun things you can do from the comfort of your home!


#1 Do some online quizzes.

There are a million quizzes out there that will test your child’s memory of some of their favorite shows, movies, or books. They will help your child recall facts that will come in handy whenever they get back to school and have to take tests. At least these are fun, though, like this Harry Potter quiz.

#2 Teach them some important life skills.

Some of these ideas might not be age appropriate for you, but you could teach your child how to do the laundry, how to change a tire, or how to mow the lawn. You’ll get a lot of mileage out of these when the time comes!

#3 Learn about the human body

You can use a site like this to teach your kids about their bones or, if they’re at the age they find stuff like this funny, their digestive system. No matter which system you choose, it’ll be informative and you might find stuff that will tickle their humerus.

#4 Do some art lessons (or learn to do origami).

If the art museum tour offered a stroke of inspiration, you and your kids can try out some guided art lessons that include the very non-messy art of origami. Then you can take pictures of them and post them on your favorite social media platform to inspire others to do the same!

#5 Watch live webcams at zoos.

Who doesn’t want to watch penguins or polar bears? You can try out the live cams at a number of zoos like this one and see what the animals are up to. It can be as informative as it is hilarious!

Now, go! Surprise your kids and make some really great memories! You won’t regret it!

happy smiling father and son sitting on couch use FKPY7SN - 5 Things You Can Do At Home With Your Kids
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