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Appel Orthodontics Philadelphia Orthodontist Candids 34 300x200 - 3 benefits of orthodontics beyond a great smileHere at Appel Orthodontics, we talk a lot about what a straight smile can do to boost your confidence, whether you’re a kid, teen or adult.

But did you know there are other important benefits of orthodontics besides just your appearance?


Straight teeth are easier to keep clean

Teeth that are crooked or crowded into one another are harder to clean. They may be turned in such a way that it’s very difficult for a toothbrush or floss to get in there to clean properly. Plaque and bacteria may build up over time and cause tooth decay.

Orthodontics can prevent tooth and jaw pain

Sometimes crooked teeth or misaligned jaws can cause problems with a person’s bite, especially when chewing tougher foods. And if teeth don’t line up correctly when you bite down, some teeth may be getting more pressure than they’re supposed to. Over time, uneven pressure can cause the enamel on those teeth to wear away, making the tooth sensitive and susceptible to pain.

Orthodontics can prevent worse problems down the road

Sometimes problems like crowded teeth can get slightly better as a child grows into adulthood. But in other cases, problems actually get worse. Sometimes it can be a domino effect—when a baby tooth is out of place, it may block an adult tooth that’s trying to come in, pushing the new tooth into the wrong place too. Then when the tooth next to it tries to come in … well, you get the picture.

Of course for most people, the chance to have a beautiful, confident smile is enough of a reason to see an orthodontist. But if you have questions about how orthodontics can help prevent some of the problems above, set up an appointment to talk with Dr. Appel.

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  • I think confidence is the biggest benefit to a nice, straight smile, but it is nice to know and understand other benefits. I think it is great that your jaw is going to be more healthy with the proper oral care. How early would you start your kids on braces?

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