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Debbie, be honest with us. Are you going to Disney this weekend?

mouse hi 300x189 - Happy Birthday, Debbie!I mean, it IS your birthday and all and we know your daughter works there. mouse hi 300x189 - Happy Birthday, Debbie!

And you deserve a trip to see the Mouse and your daughter. We hope that those of you who are reading this will help us in wishing Debbie the very best birthday. We love our Debbie and we have no doubt that she’s part of why this place is so great. We love having her on our team and we know we’re fortunate to work together and celebrate birthdays together.

So, Debbie, whatever you have planned to do (it may not be Disney), we hope it’s something real good. Good presents and good memories. Our wish for you is that this coming year is so awesome that it’s all you talk about at your birthday party next year. OK? Enjoy this day!

Happy Birthday to Debbie!!

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