Safe Halloween candy for braces

safe halloween candy

Halloween, the holiday of endless candy, is a little more complicated while you’re wearing braces. Many candies have the potential to break brackets and bend wires, potentially adding months to your treatment. Thankfully, there are lots of safe options!

Good Stuff

Rejoice! The safest candy is chocolate! Soft chocolate bars are unlikely to do any damage, so you can devour your Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Cups with little danger. But be careful with big bars—biting into the chocolate could damage the equipment on your front teeth. Try breaking them into smaller pieces or eating fun-size bars. Also, don’t eat frozen chocolate, which is likely to be very hard. [Read more…]

Appel Ortho named an Invisalign Elite Preferred Provider for 2014


Invisalign Philadelphia top providerInvisalign has again named Appel Orthodontics an Elite Preferred Provider of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen for 2014. We’re also ranked in the top 1% of all Invisalign providers in North America.

This is just a fancy way of saying that we have a LOT of experience in straightening smiles using the Invisalign system, and Invisalign knows and trusts us. We are the longest-standing 1% provider in Philadelphia, meaning we have the most experience with Invisalign in the area–more than 200 Invisalign patients each year. That’s a lot of beautiful smiles! [Read more…]

Healthy snacks that are good for braces (part two)

In our last post, we looked at several options for healthy, braces-friendly snacks. Here’s the second batch of tasty options:


salsa healthy snacks for braces

Salsa, oh salsa. We can go on and on about the health benefits of salsa—no fat, tons of vegetable goodness, and just plain delicious no matter how spicy you like yours.

Most people prefer salsa with tortilla chips (though it’s also popular with scrambled eggs and on chicken). Of course, when you have braces you need to be careful not to eat corn chips that are too hard, and be sure to brush well afterward to be sure little bits don’t get stuck in between brackets and wires. [Read more…]

Healthy snacks that are good for braces (part one)

Healthy snacks for braces: blueberriesAt Appel Orthodontics, we’re all about helping our patients smile. This means helping you find ways to keep your teeth clean and your orthodontic appliances—including braces—in good working order.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of foods that can damage your braces—including things that are especially hard, chewy, or sticky. But don’t be discouraged by the foods you can’t have during treatment—there are still a lot of good options out there that are not only braces-friendly, but good for you, too.

In this blog post and the next, we’ll explore some healthy snacks that go easy on your dental appliances.


We’ll start with the obvious one. Fruit is nature’s perfect snack. Whether you prefer old standbys like bananas and oranges, or are in the mood for something off the beaten track like pomegranate or starfruit, fruit packs a lot of flavor and a good dose of nutrients. [Read more…]

For a healthy smile, ditch the daily soda

soda is bad for teethSoft drinks have really gotten a bad rap recently, and it’s no wonder.  Sodas are low in nutrients but high in empty calories, and drinking multiple sodas every day is associated with a higher risk of diabetes and obesity.

But if that’s not enough, here’s another reason to cut back on the number of sodas you drink: sugary carbonated beverages are terrible for your teeth! [Read more…]

How to stay active and love it

how to stay active We’re all about great smiles here at Appel Orthodontics, and we want to give you every opportunity to show that smile off.

So here’s something to consider: studies show that people who get regular exercise deal with stress better, get better sleep, have stronger immune systems to fight off sickness, and generally feel better all around. In other words, staying active is a good way to smile more!

The key is to find an exercise you really enjoy. Hate running? Then don’t train for a 5k. You’ll be stressed out and chances are you’ll quit anyway.

[Read more…]

4 Great Reasons to Drink More Water

Here’s a simple (and free!) way to improve your health—drink more water!

Reasons to drink more water

Your body depends on the right amount of water to keep many of its systems functioning at 100%. But unfortunately many people don’t get enough water each day.

How much water do you need? Well, the old “8 glasses a day” adage isn’t entirely accurate for everyone, since your water needs vary based on your size, your age, how hot it is outside, and the amount of physical activity you’re doing.

But you should be taking in several glasses of water throughout the day (both by drinking it and by eating water-rich foods like soup, fresh vegetables and fruit). If you’re feeling thirsty, that’s a sign you’re already dehydrated.

Here are the top 4 reasons to fill up that water bottle throughout the day: [Read more…]

Adult Orthodontics: Am I too old to fix my smile?

adult orthodonticsAre you too old to fix your smile? Chances are the answer is no! In fact, one in five new orthodontic patients in the United States is an adult.

Maybe you’ve always been self-conscious about your smile, but didn’t have the opportunity to have orthodontic work done when you were a child. Maybe you had an accident that affected your smile, or have been affected by some sort of dental disease. Or maybe your teeth started to crowd after you reached adulthood—it’s more common than you might think.
[Read more…]

5 Ways to Protect Your Tooth Enamel

tooth enamel

If you’re a patient at Appel Orthodontics, you know there are many ways to protect your braces and other orthodontic appliances—brushing properly, avoiding especially hard or sticky foods, wearing a mouth guard when playing sports, and more. (See the full list on our braces care page).

But orthodontic appliances aside, it’s also important to protect your teeth themselves.

Your teeth are naturally protected by enamel, a mineral coating that is the hardest substance in your body. But even though your enamel is strong stuff, it can be damaged—either by the minerals being dissolved away over time, or by the enamel itself breaking. [Read more…]