“My friends had braces, and it took years of painful monthly tightenings. I was amazed at how fast my teeth moved, and how comfortable and easy my treatment was.”
– Kim (16 Months, 10 Appointments)
“Now I look the way I always thought I should look.”
– Ashley (22 Months, 18 Appointments)
“I noticed a change in both my appearance and my speech within just one month of treatment.”
– Tony (16 Months, 8 Appointments)
“I expected straight teeth, but now people say I’m beautiful.”
– Charlene (18 Months, 11 Appointments)
“At first, I was uncomfortable with the thought of having braces at my age. But the results I saw from my Damon braces were so dramatic, I feel like I got a facelift! My friends and family say I look 10 years younger.”
– Catherine (20 Months, 12 Appointments)
“Not only do I like my teeth, but I can see how a full smile has made a dramatic change in my whole face. It gives me a new sense of confidence that I never had.”
– Tammy (19 Months, 18 Appointments)
“Before Damon, my brother had surgery to fix his underbite. I got a beautiful smile without surgery.”
– Rachel

Material on this page used by permission from Damon System website.